A Dog Named Cappuccino

and how he made the world seem like a better place

Photo by Vijeshwar Datt on Unsplash

He had big, curious eyes and the sweetest gaze you could ever imagine. I understand you, he said without saying anything.

His light brown and whitish fur reminded people of the colour of their favourite drink. A nice hot cup of Cappuccino. That’s why they baptized him that way.

He had no home, no parents or family and still his look was filled with humanity, though no human he was.

He was born to donate free love to casual strangers, fearful kids or ignoring bypassers.

A possessor of that power few beings have to brighten a dark day, to warm a cold heart, he only asked little. Little to nothing at all. Just a cuddle or two. A small meal for his empty stomach.

He wandered alone in the streets of my neighbourhood but he never felt lonely. Strangers turned to lovely friends. Nobody ignored him anymore.

Without talking he could communicate. When hungry, he raised the paw. To get some caresses, he lied down on his back. When he knew you, he followed you.

One rainy day he gained a blanket to hide from the cold. The other a yummy piece of meat.

Every time I went for a walk, I imagined where I’d find him. What I’d give him as a treat.

Until one day he was nowhere to be found. And the next. And the next.

Someone took him away. Or as I prefer to think, he left for a better place with his good-hearted nature.

His passage was brief, his mark undeniable to those who knew him, teaching them the power of unconditional love.

He is ‘just’ a dog named Cappuccino.



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Lorida Cito

Lorida Cito

Born as an introvert. Became a truth speaker for necessity and a cliché hater by vocation. Programming and supporting my fellow programmers every day.