Lorida Cito

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now I am not afraid to face it, but don’t tell me to be strong

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best stories whose example you hopefully DO NOT follow

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when books find words you can’t, to describe how to go on after this annus horribilis

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versus being simple

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and how he made the world seem like a better place

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what Carlos Ruiz Zafón taught me about my mysteries

Photo by David Ramos from https://www.artwave.it/cultura/letteratura/addio-zafon-lorchestratore-di-ombre/

Books are mirrors: you only see in them what you already have inside you.

Through the self-deceiving hell of clichés to the paradise of all truths

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and you don’t even know why

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Lorida Cito

Born as an introvert. Became a truth speaker for necessity and a cliché hater by vocation. Programming and supporting my fellow programmers every day.

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